Dec 3, 2008

The Ending Before the Beginning: Part II

Imagine my surprise when people actually liked my paintings! After a couple years of study I chose to go beyond the hobby level and "be an artist." Very quickly the simple logistics of getting here-to-there with canvases caught up with me. Because of the type of vision loss I have I'm extremely sensitive to light, "photophobia," they call it. Being at an outdoor tented festival all weekend makes me really, really crabby. It's just the brightness of it all. Sadly, no one buys art in the dark.

And if I had all these problems getting around, just think about artists with mobility problems! They must really have a tough time!

After a long-and-only-interesting-to-me bit of field research I founded Art of Possibility LLC, the only art brand exclusively representing physically disabled artists via license in a for-profit model.

I've been reticent about blogging because as a former writer I believe in paying for content; because I only get 24 hours a day instead of the 30 or so I could use; and because bridging the Art of Possibility from just me to a fully developed agency representing other artists means I have, as a business objective, a desire to make it less "the Ketra Show" and more about us, about an idea: inclusion. Compassion. Proof that caring is cool. Evidence that good deeds are good business.

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