Jan 9, 2009

A Noble Calling or Just Doing What's Necessary?

I launched this business to transform lives.

I'm not a noble person. I'm a problem-solver.

I solve a problem for the artists by creating a path designed for their optimum achievement. People with disabilities can have a positive impact on our world if the infrastructure that supports that success exists. Well, now it does.

I solve a problem for manufacturers. In a marketplace crammed with lovely goods it's tough to differentiate your lovely product line from the other lovely product line. Art of Possibility® adorned products provide that differentiation.

I solve a problem for retailers. After training a consumer populace to hold out for the lowest possible price we give them a reason to not shave every nanocent off that margin. Because our entire brand concept involves us earning a living, paying full price regains its dignity.

I solve a problem for consumers who desperately want their purchases to mean something. By knowing that their purchase directly benefits a physically disabled artist choosing Art of Possibility® products connects those consumers with an important social mission of inclusion and compassion.

Caring is cool.

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