Jan 28, 2009

With Gratitude...

When I could still read for pleasure I devoured books. I always liked the Acknowledgements. Read 'em all. I like dedicating a page to gratitude. It may be the best use of the blog I've yet identified.

Thank you, Jennifer Norton. Friend and Art Director, with me at the point of origin as I grow this circle of love.

Thank you, Dean Collins. You're a sane and stable influence and I truly appreciate your commitment to having Art of Possibility Studios' site accessible.

Thank you, Cheryl Hodgson, for making LLC filing and trademark registration less scary. It's not often people love their lawyer, but hey, I'm building this brand on love and long hours. You supply both.

And thank you to the people who quietly care, who offer resources because they believe what I believe, because they want to see this work, because they are empowered to diligently and determinedly make a difference in the lives of others.

1 comment:

Dean said...

Well, it's easy 'cause you're the best!