May 7, 2009

Bloggus Interruptus

We're doing our part to stimulate the economy by having a kid paint the entire interior of the house. A sunny yellow living space and cool sage resting spaces will enhance our lives and keep someone out of work in motion while the downturn trundles along. The thing about having your house painted? It's like moving cross country, one room at a time.

Unlike moving cross country, though, there's no "stop" to your life while your brother-in-law drives the truck from sea to shining sea. Instead daily life continues amidst a hubbub of home furnishings and the chaos of cardboard boxes. Compounding the drop cloth drama is a home-based business, so I get no reprieve from the tumult while I'm at work all day.

And with
Surtex and Licensing just around the corner my work load skyrockets so I have a lovely aerial view of the pandemonium I hath wrought.

I just took three paragraphs to say "I'm busy."

As such, expect bloggus interruptus; less frequent posts while I ride the wave of commerce (my economy is booming, frankly. I keep costs low and work like a field hand and y'know? Art of Possibility is doing o-kay) but I'll tweet the big deals and hope to post when interesting ideas catch my imagination.

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