May 4, 2009

It's That You Play the Game

Friendships may or may not translate into good business, but good business invariably grows into lasting friendships.

I'd like to introduce another upstart, friendly, fun, artist-founded company to the growing list of friends of Art of Possibility: Sandy Parker's
Phenominoes®. Sandy founded Deep in the ART of Texas to create affordable, wearable art and generate jobs in her community, a place I lovingly described as "not California."

Sandy found my work online, called, and we just love one another's unique, independent goals and are now working at the intersection of those objectives, making both Art of Possibility and Phenominoes better for the shared effort.

We chose 27 different great paintings by George Mendoza and me for
our first collection. Each domino pendant has a cleverly designed hook so you can easily transfer it onto other necklaces to add a little play to any ensemble.

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