Jul 13, 2009

The Delicate Balance

I want to keep everyone informed about Art of Possibility's progress as a business and change agent and we've had some boy-howdy successes, but now I have a new brand management fear to add to my list of commerce paranoias: winding up on Tweeting Too Hard's aggregate of blowhard tweets.

See, we have a lot to shout from the mountaintops and people who take a genuine interest in the work we're doing, but out of context we'd just look like ... me. With 30 drinks in me. Is perception reality? maybe I'm focused too much on being understood than being understanding, or averting misunderstanding, or caught up in my own cheerleading while not depriving folks of learning about our ups and downs. It's just been a lot of ups lately.

We'll take 'em when we can get 'em.

And therein resides the dilemma: sharing our glad tidings without coming across as boastful, self-important bores.

At the risk of overthinking the latest news, thanks to:

for your recent coverage. It means a lot to us to share our message with others and we love you for caring about us.

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