Jul 8, 2009

Off the Grid

Sitting at the Lake watching the moonbeams dance reflecting on the water, listening to guitar ballads, fireflies – the coolest insects ever – illuminating their lazy trajectory, with spartan distant fireworks and the blue-black night's canopy over the verdant slopes to the water, I revel in the sublime moments off the grid.
Roman candles across the lake, the subtle sizzle of the neighbor's grilled fragrant goodness wafting through the screen porch of the log cabin, hand hewn walls from the land on which they stand, I delight in how connected I am to it all when I disconnect from the cloud that's responsible for 90% of the items on my task list that I need the vacation from in the first place.

As the momentum for Art of Possibility has accelerated I'm again leaping outside my comfort zone and the holiday break has been a great chance to renew, restore and remember how damn much fun it all is. Anyone reading this, feel free at any time to remind me of the fun of it all. I get caught up in the doing and forget how deeply I love my life – all of it.

Tomorrow we pack up coolers, kids & dogs and drive on the two-lane ribbons through the corn fields, across the one-lane iron bridge, easing ourselves toward the Interstate that leads back to the airport, as we gently close the story of the 4th at the Lake and catalog its moments of delight, laughter, minor annoyance with a slathering of SPF 45, I'll take home a joyful collection of stories and snapshots of the spaces opened for sharing love.

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